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The Local Touch

We're a boutique VFX and design agency, and we like to push the bar of what's possible from a small, dedicated crew. From VFX & compositing to fully animated commercials, CGI product imagery for e-commerce, all the way to packaging design and web design, we use our decades of traditional media experience to bring a human touch to our work. The result is something you can feel, even if you can't point it out.

What does local mean in the post-revolution digital era? It means we take your work personally, and we try to feel like we're right next door. Accessible and connected to your business in a way you never dreamed of.

Award Winning

Music Videos, Commercials, and Web Design


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Instinct + Data

When working in the web, ecommerce, and design space, we use the power of user-testing and UX to approach design problems. The result is a grounded and relatable solution that takes into account the needs, values, and knowledge of your customers, clients, and viewers. Even if you consider yourself an expert on your customers or clients, you know very little if you have no data.

UX Research
Goal-Oriented Design

local international design studio  

local international design studio